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The 15 Day Challenge is a total body renewal - We are offering this E-book for the price of $14.99. This E-book has detailed instructions and videos - Download it and take it anywhere with you. Clicking on the BUY NOW button will allow you to purchase the 15-Day E-book with Videos.  Simply click the button and follow the instructions for purchase using your Pay Pal Account or any major credit card. Make sure to DOWNLOAD the E-book during the purchase. Any questions please contact us at getkarenated@gmail.com. 


Don't Forget!

Doctor's Clearance

Please speak with your doctor before starting any new fitness regimen. By signing up for the challenge you have confirmed with your doctor that you are clear to participate

Nutrition Guidelines for the Challenge

DO'S - Water (Plain,  with fresh lemon slices, with mint leaves), fresh low carb fruits( e.g raspberries, strawberries and blackberries), and veggies (especially greens like kale and spinach), complex carbs( e.g sweet potatoes) lean meat (chicken, fish and shrimp)


DONT'S - Sugary drinks, white bread, candy, fruit juices, fried foods, potato chips, pastries, cookies, cakes, alcohol, icecream, pizza, foods high in added sugar, high calorie caffeinated drinks, processed and refined foods

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